Monday, November 15, 2010

An Intimate Transaction, Between Two People With No History and No Future

Sarah Zarr in her short essay, "Something for the Pain," about her trip to the physiotherapist's office:
"The claustrophobic space, and us so close in it, made me want to giggle or crack a joke.  But I remained dignified and managed to act like people ask to touch my hips every day."

"When I turn over, there's a lot of purposeful pressing of my pelvic region--where apparently my hip flexors reside--as well as hoisting and propping of my legs onto Tyler's, and, oddly, sometimes being cradled, almost like a baby, for long minutes while we discuss the World Series and the changing weather. This is called a 'positional release.'
"It's an intimate transaction, between two people with no history and no future.
"My friend Mike's father is a physical therapist, and Mike says that his dad's work is to 'prepare people to engage with their lives, in ways they love, as fully as they can.'  Mike, a writer, feels the work of the artist is in many ways the same.  He may be right, even if the patient is only the artist herself."

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