Saturday, September 18, 2010

Keetra Dean Dixon (FromKeetra) - Just Between You and Me: Objects of Co-dependency, 2008

Just Between You and Me, 2008
Again, some of these operate on more of a symbolic level than an experiential one but are worth considering regardless.

All images and info taken from the designer's website [new link], except the balloon demo below, which came from Design Boom.

FromKeetra's body of work, because it spans that spectrum (symbolic - experiential), could prove useful in comparing the two modes of apprehending the work.

Every Breath You Take

In Your Eyes
The vision-based pieces have much in common with my Masks.

Just keeping an eye on you.

I've got your back.
Significant Spooning

Even when not in use, some of the objects (the spoons, especially) activate my imagination nicely.

An unexpected spark

This post updated to add a new image from the 2015 edition of the (newly renamed?) Codependant Douballoons.

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