Saturday, September 18, 2010

Keetra Dean Dixon (FromKeetra) - To-gather Together series

My evolving definition sees relational prosthetics (RPs) as straddling the boundary between generating symbolic meaning and facilitating participatory experience.  Assuming that the All-i-pops are not to be actually consumed, knowing that the hat/shoes piece (How about a little support?!) is near impossible to use, and seeing that the connected shirts piece (3shirt ---> Dress for the occasion) and the phone (Earphone) are likely meant only to be looked at, these pieces by FromKeetra are moving more toward the symbolic end of the spectrum.

Profile of the artist/designer taken from the website of collaborator Rockwell Group:

Resident Designer-at-large often working under the handle FromKeetra. Voted most likely to meander, Keetra Dean straddles a wide set of mediums in the pursuit of 2D, 3D, installation & event based projects. She leverages a past in Creative Direction for a list of media giants including Nike, CocaCola, NYTimes, & MTV. She developed many of her founding aspirations during her masters studies at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. A vow to follow her evolving obsessions keeps her running endlessly on new paths in the pursuit of wonder, delight & irreverent whimsy.
Keetra Dean’s work has been recognized on several fronts including a presidential teaching award, a place in the permanent design collection at the SFMOMA & the honorable ranking of ADC Young Gun. Her work has been featured in a list of publications & exhibits, the most recent including feature articles in Etapes Magazine, The Royal Magazine & Tactile/High Touch Visuals by Die-Gestalten.

More links about FromKeetra and/or Keetra Dean Dixon:
-Very brief, somewhat uninformative interview
-Brief video with/about her and her work
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EDIT (10/10/2016): Dixon has grouped some of these works under the new(?) title "Apparati for Collaboration: How to work together." This grouping includes a work I don't remember seeing when I first posted these. See below:

Union Sleeve; aka Arm Trap

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